Maintenance Electrician

Often appliances and equipment in your workplace require regular maintenance or testing and tagging.  In such cases you will require an experienced maintenance electrician who can ensure that all your electrical equipment, is working as it should. Prevention is better than cure after all and you don’t want to lose power during business hours or worse for someone to get hurt.

The importance of keeping your switchboard, safety switches, general electrical fittings and earthing connections in proper working order also cannot be understated because even a small short circuit can cause severe damage to your business and the lives of others. Therefore electrical maintenance and testing and tagging are very important in safeguarding your property from any inconvenient electrical incidents.

Lorking Electrical has a fully-licensed and well-equipped team of electricians that is always ready to maintain the working condition of your electrical installations.

We will also pay special attention if your property is more than 25 years old. We will carry precautionary checks to determine if it requires repairs or upgrades to the electrical wirings, fittings and switchboards etc. to safeguard your house from any electrical mishaps due to an aging system. We at Lorking Electrical will advise you accordingly of this need once a thorough check is carried out.

We use only the highest quality materials and equipment in all our services so you can be assured of a job well done when you call upon the electrical maintenance specialists at Lorking Electrical.