Licensed Electrician

Are you looking to get some electrical work done in your home or property? Or maybe you are building a new house and want to ensure that all the electrical installations comply with all the safety rules and regulations? Due to the highly dangerous nature of electrical systems, it is important to choose a qualified electrical contractor who is licensed to carry out major electrical works in your state.

The danger of choosing an unlicensed handyman to put in some new power points or to install a new appliance is that they may make a mistake with the connections or isolate the wrong circuit which could lead to a fire or even electrocution. It’s not something you should risk in order to save a few dollars.

We at Lorking Electrical are licensed electricians and our director and manager has over ten years experience in the field. We are also fully insured and use only the highest quality products so that our customers will receive the best quality service.

We also use the best equipment and high quality hardware to ensure that your electrical installation or repair work will last longer and the chances of it breaking will be minimised.

You can depend on us to arrive on time and fully prepared to get down to work as our service vans are all fully equipped with the correct tools and equipment for all major jobs.

You will only get this kind of assurance from qualified electricians who have years of experience providing professional top class services to both residential and commercial clients.

Call us today for the best-in-class electrical services in Canberra.